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Find the Project That Suits You

A Case for Character has many projects for helping provide for foster youth. Learn more about each project from the links below. Find out how you can help make a difference in the lives of foster children this year:

Fostering Change - A student driven project designed to provide ways for students (high school - college) and other young adults to get involved with providing foster youth with suitcases and making a difference. Learn more!*

Project BUSD - A Case for Character has partnered with the Bonita Unified School District in Southern California to help provide foster youth in the district's schools with brand new suitcases. Learn more!**

Character Builders - Character Builders understand there are infrastructure and operational costs. They understand the need of maintainability of the organization, and give towards that end. Join other like-minded partners of angels, business people, and champions in helping support our growth and sustainability. Learn more!***

Team 900 - Join the team of annual donors by giving monthly donations to help provide suitcases for several children throughout the year. Learn more!

Royal Family Kids Camps - A Case for Character partnered with Royal Family Kids last summer to provide 100 foster children attending the camp with brand new suitcases. This summer there is a need to provide 1,000-2,000 suitcases. Help be a part in making a memorable summer for thousands of foster kids. Learn more!**

WOW: 10 Words of Wisdom - The ABC's of Character book has been provided with every suitcase given to foster children, and although it has been widely accepted by all age groups, Forever Kids is in the process of creating a similar book directed towards middle and high school students. WOW: 10 Words of Wisdom will demonstrate the same character-building material as ABC's of Character, such as Love, Attentiveness, and Honesty, but with more age-appropriate content for teenage youth. Forever Kids needs $6,000 to send the book to be printed. To make a donation towards WOW: 10 Words of Wisdom click here.


UPDATE: Over the past year A Case for Character has held many projects and fundraisers. Some of the projects listed above have been closed or are seasonal projects.

* Fostering Change is a seasonal project directed to students during the school year

** Project BUSD and Royal Family Kids Camps are closed as of August 2015. If you are part of a school district or if you are part of a church that holds a Royal Family Kids Camp, please contact us to see how we can partner with you [Click here]

*** Character Builders has received a name change and is now Medallion Partners

Kierstyn Martell

Kierstyn is Forever Kids' media director and campaign coordinator. Stepping into ministry with Tony and Kathy Salerno several years ago, she continues to help promote awareness for the organization's passion to help meet the needs of children in a character way.

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