Forever Kids is a non-profit organization focused on helping

meet the needs of kids and families in body, soul, and spirit.

At the turn of the century our national leaders voiced a concern for the need to build a nation of character. While the nation was doing well economically, our younger generation was lacking the moral values needed to succeed in life.

Forever Kids began with the belief that every child should have a chance to live a successful life based on good character. The founders and a creative team developed a successful character program that went into schools, camps, churches, after-school and other programs to meet the challenge of building a nation of character.

We See. 

We Care.

We Give.

A child. A family. A nation. It matters.

Today, Forever Kids continues to build on that belief, incorporating a character program to help meet the needs of kids and families, with a current focus on foster kids.

Good values matter.

They help shape our lives.

Everyone deserves a chance to have a successful life.

We believe it's possible with a good, ethical foundation.

Helping build a nation of integrity and a culture of civility is at the core of our organization, of our hearts. While meeting immediate needs, our desire is to surround those we help with sustaining values and ethics that will guide them for future decisions and behavior.

Helping change the lives of foster kids!