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A Special Sponsored

Foundations for Life Event

"Pack Party"

Bring your organization together for a Missions-based, team-building, hands-on sponsored event that can help build togetherness within your organization and make a meaningful impact in your community!


A Special Event to Impact You and Those Around You!

A special outreach event that your organization sponsors to fill the needs of your mission-based program, involve and influence your organization members, and all the while impacting the lives of those in need.

The Tragedy

Your sponsorship directly serves and impacts the forgotten and hurting kids.

Foster kids are hurting and need help. They range in age from babies to 18 years old and are moved an average of 7 times, many as often as 20 or more times before they age out of the system. When they move, they are given a trash bag in which to put their belongings. Anything that doesn’t fit is left behind. This causes them to feel neglected, uncertain, unstable and of no more value than the bags they are given to use. We can’t meet all the needs of foster children, but we can certainly take care of a BIG one. We can replace those trash bags with brand-new suitcases with character-building materials inside. Help us trash the bags!

Watch the short video for more about the foster kid story and their plight! 


What's Involved

A "Foundations for Life" event is a fun, interactive, and meaningful event that your organization sponsors involving a hands-on program which includes a short interactive presentation and a fun, hands-on packing experience. This event will inspire and touch your organization, appeal to your local community, and make a lasting impact on those in need.

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Forever Kids promotes lifelong character development in children and adults alike. Part of this event involves a training on a valuable character trait.



Forever Kids will provide the suitcases and resources, such as books and music based on foundational values, along with other meaningful items. You provide the location, volunteers, and sponsorship. Your  organization can also add a personalized note to be included in the packing.



This event will help to increase compassion, camaraderie, and teamwork in those involved in the packing. It will also help build foundational values that can last a lifetime. This experience will make a meaningful and enduring impact on the lives of your organization and those within your community that goes beyond the event itself.

The Benefits

There are many ways this special event can be beneficial, be positively impactful, and extend beyond the event!


The Kids in Need

Foster kids receive a beautiful gift they can keep and take on their life journey. This gift speaks volumes to them, letting them know they are loved, important, not forgotten, and supported!


The Participant

Each participant has an opportunity to be part of the cause, feel purposeful and feel they are making a difference. Additionally, each participant has the chance to participate and experience a short, fun, and positive character-building training that instills fundamental traits and values influencing them to build stronger foundational values and in turn more established and successful families.


The Sponsor

This special event has the potential to increase volunteer enthusiasm, compassion, teamwork and community through the packing and character-building training portion of this event. It can also bring the community to your campus and will make an impact that goes beyond the event itself. 


The Community

This event brings awareness to the community of the needs of the disenfranchised, most neglected, and underserved kids in our nation and displays compassion for those needs. The surrounding community at large is inspired and moved by your generosity and benevolence, creating an avenue for a greater influence and outreach.

Be Part of the Impact.

For more information about sponsoring one of these special, customized events, please contact us below:


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