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Rancho Cucamonga's Grapevine Press Features A Case for Character

September 2014 was a great time for A Case for Character. Only a few months after its launch, A Case for Character began blooming into something so profound, and word got out. The Grapevine Press, a local newspaper based in Rancho Cucamonga, California, released an article on the project’s debut.

Below are some excerpts from the article:

“The forgotten ones. Eight thousand children in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties living in foster care. When was the last time we stopped to consider them? The Grapevine Press has oftentimes noted that God considers the fall of even the tiny sparrow. Can we emulate Him and take note of the forgotten? These children can find themselves alone, abused, and neglected. At any given moment any of these kids can be moved to different homes with different children. Some kids have moved more than 20 times before they exit the system at age 18. When it’s time to move, they put their meager belongings in a trash bag. Everything they have is what they carry with them. There’s a pastor in town who believes that the trash bag validates what those kids are already feeling about themselves...not very much. Why shouldn’t a kid who feels like trash, travel with a trash bag? Isn’t it fitting? To the contrary, says Pastor Paul Scheumack of Crosslight Family Ministries in Alta Loma. Proclaims Pastor Paul: ‘God loves these children and knows who they are and where they are; that they are not lost, but that they are covered by His love and cared for by the Body of Christ.’”

“Dr. Scheumack is part of a cause that donates shiny new suitcases to children. This may not sound like much, but it’s a lot more than most of us have done to help a child in need. The simple act of supplying foster kids with a suitcase can change their whole outlook on life. It expresses to them that they are not alone, that someone is thinking about them.”

The article continues on to explain the plans for the event Foster Family Feast, hosted by Dr. Scheumack and Crosslight Family Ministries. Foster Family Feast took place on October 12, 2014, and was a great success. Around 70 kids, and their foster families, (through an agency) came and were treated to an In N Out dinner and a Kid of Character concert. At the event, every child was surprised with a brand-new suitcase filled with character-building material that they were able to take home and call their own. Dr. Scheumack plans to continue holding quarterly Foster Family Feasts in 2015.

For more information on how you can help provide suitcases for foster children through A Case for Character, please visit our home page [Click here]

To make a donation towards future projects visit our DONATE page

View pictures and read more about the first Foster Family Feast [Click here]

Kierstyn Martell

Kierstyn is Forever Kids' media director and campaign coordinator. Stepping into ministry with Tony and Kathy Salerno several years ago, she continues to help promote awareness for the organization's passion to help meet the needs of children in a character way.

"Forever Kids - A Case For Character." The Grapevine Press [Rancho Cucamonga] Sept. 2014: 10. Print.

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