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Wishing You the Best for 2015!

I wish you the best for 2015 and pray God’s favor be upon you. May what we all do and say this year bring glory and honor to His name.

Thank you for standing and partnering with us this past year. Because of you A Case for Character had a tremendous beginning. What God placed in our hearts was brought to life by all of your help. Together we gave hundreds of suitcases with character material to needy kids. Here are some of the words that were expressed to us by those working with these kids:

• “You’ve put a ‘face’ on them.”

• “You have brought ‘dignity’ to the undignified.”

• “You’ve given ‘hope’ to the hopeless.”

• “By giving them a suitcase, you’ve given them their own ‘house’.”

As we face 2015 we are excited with the possibilities of helping thousands of kids who have no place to call home. As you explore our website, you will notice several new opportunities to be a part of A Case for Character. Thank you for helping to reach out to a largely overlooked segment of our population. Together we can do this!

We have recently launched a new project called Team 900 that brings together a team of individuals who want to make a difference all year round. Read more about this on our Team 900 page [Click here].

Tony Salerno

Tony Salerno is the founder of Forever Kids. Tony and his wife, Kathy Salerno, stepped into ministry several decades ago, and they continue on the journey of reaching out to children and instilling good character into their lives.

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