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Thank You To All Who Have Joined Us

Again, all I can say is “thank you.” Thank you for all your help. It means so very much to so many. This work of helping foster kids has pierced my heart. Almost every day we hear new stories of how these precious kids have had to go through traumatic, heart-rending situations. And then to see what a single suitcase with character material in it means to them is amazing.

Thank you to all who have joined with us to make A Case For Character a reality! It’s very reassuring to see your response to the need of the foster youth. It’s so rewarding to know that some hope is being offered to these kids . . . thanks to you!

Please check out our website as we are expanding our program with new opportunities to give and to get involved.

Tony Salerno

Tony Salerno is the founder of Forever Kids. Tony and his wife, Kathy Salerno, stepped into ministry several decades ago, and they continue on the journey of reaching out to children and instilling good character into their lives.

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