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The Beginning of A Case for Character

In preparation for the launch of our brand-new program called A Case for Character, I would like to share with you the story of how we started and how we came to know the plight of foster children around the country.

Recently one of our board members came to us with an article he had just read that broke his heart. In it he saw a tremendous need. He asked if there was anything we could do to help meet this need. As we prayed for direction, we felt that God wanted us to expand the ministry of Forever Kids to take on this need that is a systemic cause for serious problems in our nation today. It has to do with foster and at-risk children.

There are 153 million orphan, foster, kin care, homeless, and at-risk children in the world today. There are 2.2 billion Christians worldwide. If 7% of the Christians took in one of these kids, every child needing a home would have one! And for the remaining 93%, what if they pitched in to help by meeting tangible needs of these kids? That’s where we come in!

In America alone, there are over 440,000 in the foster care system. When many of these children are transferred to another home, which is often, they are given a small trash bag and just hours to pack. All they can take with them is what fits into that bag. They have very few things to call their own.

We are doing something about this. On June 29, 2014, we are launching a new ministry. We are going to provide SUITCASES for foster and at-risk kids. These suitcases will belong to them They can take them wherever they go–something they can call their own. And, in every suitcase we are placing the ABC’s of Character book and music CD.

Check out the video and see why we are all so moved by this project!

These kids need our help. Together we can do this! Thank you for being a part!

Tony Salerno

Tony Salerno is the founder of Forever Kids. Tony and his wife, Kathy Salerno, stepped into ministry several decades ago, and they continue on the journey of reaching out to children and instilling good character into their lives.

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