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Summer 2015 - Royal Family KIDS Camp

This Summer, help support A Case for Character in providing children at Royal Family KIDS Camps with brand new suitcases.

What is Royal Family KIDS?

Royal Family KIDS was founded in 1985 by Wayne and Diane Tesch as a way to reach out to foster children every summer through a camp experience. Foster youth ages 6-12 years old attend a week of camp activities and mentorship with their counselor.

Royal Family KIDS Camps have served over 6,000 foster children in 2012 throughout 160 camps spanning through 35 states and 11 international countries. Since its beginning, over 80,000 children have been enrolled in the camps.

How is A Case for Character getting involved?

A Case for Character was a great success at one of the Royal Family KIDS Camps last August where we gave away almost 100 suitcases. Now, we’ve been asked to make suitcases available for even more campers this summer.

“When I went to the camp the day after the campers got their suitcases, the kids were pulling their suitcases all over the camp!” -Glenn Garvin, VP of Royal Family Kids Camps

A Case for Character is making a difference in the lives of foster children. When foster children move from placement to placement, they are given a small trash bag to pack their belongings in. Trash bags rip and tear. They are not permanent, just like many of the foster homes the children will stay at. Some children move as often as three to four times a year. Giving a child a suitcase for their belongings brings back their dignity. It provides, in a way, a “house,” something more lasting than a trash bag.

Even better than any old suitcase, A Case for Character provides brand new suitcases for the kids. To make this possible, we need your help. There is a need for 1000-2000 suitcases for campers this coming summer. As of now, we are working to partner with potentially three or more camps.

To donate to A Case for Character’s Royal Family KIDS Camps Project, please visit our DONATE page.

UPDATE: This project closed September 2015, but we continue to reach out to other Royal Family KIDS Camps. If you or your church are involved in a camp and would like suitcases, please give us a call at (626) 331-3495.

Kierstyn Martell

Kierstyn is Forever Kids' media director and campaign coordinator. Stepping into ministry with Tony and Kathy Salerno several years ago, she continues to help promote awareness for the organization's passion to help meet the needs of children in a character way.

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