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Bonita Unified's "Small Pile of Cash" Donation

This morning I received an email with the following picture from Ramona Middle School in La Verne, CA. Ramona Middle School's "Dime a Month" charitable giving campaign raised around $600, which the leadership students decided to give to the Bonita Unified School District's campaign for A Case for Character. Mostly composed of coins and small bills, the $600 has made an impact! The donation represents the largest single donation Bonita Unified's campaign has raised so far.

UPDATE: While Project BUSD's fundraising is over and great success was made, Ramona Middle School's student contribution blew us out of the water!

If your school or club would like to host a fundraiser for your district's foster children, please visit our GET INVOLVED page or call (626) 331-3495 to learn more on how to start.

Kathy Salerno

Kathy Salerno is the co-founder of Forever Kids, alongside her husband, Tony. Kathy and Tony stepped into ministry several decades ago, and they continue on the journey of reaching out to children and instilling good character into their lives.

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