Case for Character Partners
Case for Character Partners

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Where It All Began

The vision of Forever Kids (a 501 (c)(3) corporation) is "Helping Meet the Needs of Kids In a Character Way." In just ten years, Forever Kids has reached over 140,000 children, youth, and families in schools, camps, churches, and city-wide events. At these events and school assemblies, Forever Kids has provided kids with character-building books and music to help them develop good morals and character.

In 2014, we became aware of a tragic situation involving foster kids. We learned that foster kids move often--sometimes ten, fifteen, or more times before they turn eighteen. When they move they are given a small plastic bag in which to pack only what fits in the bag. They have to leave everything else behind.

The Need

Forever Kids recognized a need and launched A Case for Character. A Case for Character now provides foster and at-risk kids with a brand-new suitcase. A suitcase gives them dignity, hope in a hopeless situation, a face in a faceless crowd, and a "home." In every suitcase we are placing a life-changing, character-building book and music CD--thus A Case for Character. Foster agencies, school districts, foster camps, and others are now coming to us, asking if they can receive suitcases for their foster/at-risk kids. The response has been overwhelming.

On any given day, there are approximately 450,000 children in foster care in the United States. Our goal is to provide suitcases for every child. Partners help us replace a plastic bag with a brand-new suitcase for thousands of needy foster/at-risk youth. This can be done through campaigns, fundraisers, events, mission projects, offerings, or other fundraising opportunities. 

Becoming a CFC Partner is a great way to reach out and pledge to make a difference in your community. A Partner also has the opportunity to provide volunteers who will help unload, pack, and distribute suitcases at foster kid events, group homes, or other occasions.


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