People of Passion

Where It All Began

The vision of Forever Kids (a 501 (c)(3) corporation) is "Helping Meet the Needs of Kids In a Character Way." In just ten years, Forever Kids has reached over 140,000 children, youth, and families in schools, camps, churches, and city-wide events. At these events and school assemblies, Forever Kids has provided kids with character-building books and music to help them develop good morals and character.

In 2014, we became aware of a tragic situation involving foster kids. We learned that foster kids move often--sometimes ten, fifteen, or more times before they turn eighteen. When they move they are given a small plastic bag in which to pack only what fits in the bag. They have to leave everything else behind.

How You Can Make a Difference

Forever Kids recognized a need and launched A Case for Character. A Case for Character now provides foster and at-risk kids with a brand-new suitcase. A suitcase gives them dignity, hope in a hopeless situation, a face in a faceless crowd, and a "home." In every suitcase we are placing a life-changing, character-building book and music CD--thus A Case for Character. Foster agencies, school districts, foster camps, and others are now coming to us, asking if they can receive suitcases for their foster/at-risk kids. The response has been overwhelming.

A CFC Champion is dedicated to taking on the challenge by initiating fundraisers, campaigns, or projects to help raise funds throughout the year to provide foster kids with suitcases.


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