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A Huge Thank You!

What a phenomenal journey we’ve been on since the launch of Case for Character on June 29th! Thanks to all of you, our first shipment of suitcases was ordered!

We were told the cases would be in Los Angeles on August 5th–plenty of time for our first delivery on August 12th for every foster child who attended the Royal Family Kids Camp in San Diego. August 5th came, no suitcases. As the day of August 12th came closer and closer, we kept waiting for news of our shipment.

Finally, the suitcases arrived at the LA port on August 7th, but couldn’t be released. We prayed for God to speed up the process and He did! On Monday, August 11th, our team, including one of our board members, went to the dock warehouses to load up the suitcases in our rented truck.

We delivered ON TIME almost 100 suitcases, filled with character books and CDs, to every foster child at the camp. In our entire ministry to children, we have never seen a response like the one we received that night! It was as though we had delivered the most precious treasure to the kids. They stormed the stage at the announcement that every kid would be taking a suitcase home with them. [Watch the video of our distribution event at the Royal Family Kids Camp here]

It was truly amazing!

Tony Salerno

Tony Salerno is the founder of Forever Kids. Tony and his wife, Kathy Salerno, stepped into ministry several decades ago, and they continue on the journey of reaching out to children and instilling good character into their lives.

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